Perspectives for machine-assisted subject indexing at the Berlin State Library

Implications for the library With the constant increase in publication numbers, the question arises how the growing and extensive collections will be indexed in the future. How can an acceptable level of quality be ensured, if the available human resources do not increase at the same rate? To answer this challenge, one option is to […]

On the Use of Licences in Times of Large Language Models

It could all be so simple: cultural heritage institutions and other public sector bodies provide high-quality data on a large scale and, wherever possible, under a permissive licence such as CC0 or Public Domain Mark 1.0. This is in line with the idea that cultural heritage institutions are funded by taxes, therefore everyone should also […]

On the Use of ChatGPT in Cultural Heritage Institutions

Since the release of the ChatGPT dialogue system in November 2022, the societal debate about artificial intelligence (AI) has gained significant momentum and has also reached cultural heritage institutions (such as libraries, archives, and museums). The main challenge is to assess how powerful such large language models (LLMs) are in general, and Generative Pre-trained Transformers […]