It’s the statistics, stupid

“It’s the statistics, stupid”, one could say when it comes to dealing with generative pretrained transformers (GPTs). Yet, we all still have to learn this, only one year after the presentation of ChatGPT. Statistical correlations are key to understanding how stochastic prediction models work and what they are capable of. Put in simple terms, machine […]

MMK @ EuropeanaTech2023

The last conference visited by the MMK project team in 2023 was “EuropeanaTech 2023: Explore, Engage, Experience” from 10-12 October 2023 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Every few years, the annual Europeana conference is jointly organized with the EuropeanaTech community and based on a call for proposals. Previous editions in Rotterdam in 2018 and Paris […]


From 11-13 September 2023 the Berlin State Library hosted the 15th Semantic Web in Libraries Conference (SWIB23). SWIB focuses on Linked Open Data (LOD) in libraries and related organizations and is a well established event where IT staff, developers, librarians, and researchers from all over the world meet and learn from each other.  The conference […]